Ramona Becker • Virtual Business Support for entrepreneurs, movers and shakers & idea implementers

You would like to have more time and success in your business?

You and your business need more structure, flow and support for tasks for which you lack the time and leisure? A project, event or product launch is being planned that requires a lot of work and commitment? You want to present your products and services, inspire your customers and win new customers? Assign me with these tasks as your virtual assistant!

In times of increased workload you would like to have a reliable partner at your side, who takes over some of the complex tasks of your daily work and gives you the time to concentrate on your core business and your goals and also to enjoy more of your free time?

As a virtual team member I provide relief and creative input, because I care about you getting ahead with your business. With my several years of experience in the service industry, especially in project and tourism management, a high degree of empathy, flexibility, an interdisciplinary service-oriented mindset, openness to new tasks as well as the willingness to take responsibility and learn new things, I can empower you in the areas mentioned below.

Why would you get me on board?

There is more than one good argument for this.

A clear win-win!


By outsourcing tasks, you save time and can get back to the core business, your actual business, your customers and goals. Finally work ON instead of just IN the company.


You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Allow yourself relief! I help you to master challenges, to implement plans and to achieve results. You only pay for the work actually done. There are no ancillary wage costs (personnel costs, rental costs, travel costs).


Your success is my success. You regain a better work-life balance, have your head free for new ideas and projects and finally more time for friends, family or hobbies. I want to grow together with you, work together as a team and communicate at eye level.

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